As humans, we tend to be protective of those things that we helped to create and become a big part of us. No, we are not talking about children, but rather all the ideas and efforts that we decided to go through when risk everything to pursue a business venture or start-up.

But the truth is there isn’t enough time in the day nor resources to do every idea or task we conceive for our businesses by ourselves, even though we wanted to and work 18 hours a day!

Henceforth, here are 3 Outsourcing Trends to Seek in 2020 that will boost your productivity and will help you start all of your business ideas:

1. Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

This year you can boost your productivity by hiring a virtual assistant to handle daily tasks such as answering emails, scheduling meetings, and routine calls.

Also, you might want to handle your customer service, tech support, and marketing at a lower cost by using chatbots, while avoiding all the issues that come with having to deal with humans.

Chatbots not only deal with customer service but can perform the job of an assistant too. Chatbots can now easily be programmed to be VA’s and help you organize meetings and checking up on clients.

Imagine an employee with perfect attendance, multitasking ability, and that never needs time off but delivers high-quality results.

2. Single-firm Outsourcing

When you think of outsourcing multiple tasks in many areas of your business, the most critical concern is how to maintain outsourcing teams connected and sync with your in-house employees operating procedures.

The solution has landed on your lap: hire one agency that provides multiple services and creates a seamless experience by aligning the working hours and procedures with those of your company.

Recently, many outsourcing companies are opting to lend services in several business areas to provide integral support to their clients and more dedicated outsourcing.

For example, Backmanage offers services in architecture, construction, digital marketing, data entry, creative design, and much more. By choosing an outsourcing partner that operates this way, you can forget about the overhead costs and still work with a team just as if they were right under you.

3. Cloud Outsourcing

In 2020, a simple way of keeping your team in touch and not risking losing any information is by moving your business information storage to the cloud.

Forbes has estimated that in 2020, 83% of enterprises will manage their information on an online database.

There is plenty of one source platforms that your business can use to store information and organize daily basis tasks. Nevertheless, with the new coming technology, many concerns have arisen regarding securing confidential information.

Therefore, if companies are using cloud storage instead of their headquarters to store information, they must guarantee their clients’ information will remain safe and confidential at all times.


The world is evolving and becoming more demanding, and so is the outsourcing game. Businesses are starting to face the impact of the world’s digital revolution and need to keep up.

Nearly 90% of businesses have increased their budgets for IT this year to keep up with this fast-changing world, and this has brought the opportunity for remote jobs to arise.

Apply some of these trends in your business and watch your company skyrocket!