What Are We Looking For?

The Brand Ambassador is an experienced and licensed Architect in a position of positive influence within its local construction sector, the city’s planning and building departments, hence providing confidence to our clients through a positive track record of completed projects and a strong portfolio.

Your role is to be our brand representative licensed architect in your area. You will act as plan checker, responsible for the zoning approval application process and building permit application process for our client projects.

We shall provide you access to our database of multiple BIM 3D Models ranging from (ADUs, Single-Family, etc) compliant with the IRC 2018 Code, at no expense under a confidentiality agreement.

Performance Targets:

  • Share your positive track-record of successful completed projects and professional achievements with our clients.
  • Act as a responsible brand representative handling crucial communication with the Cities and Building Departments in your area.

  • Act as a plan checker and provide feedback to our team of drafters to make any revision necessary for the plans to comply with our clients’ lots zoning code and the local building code.

  • Act as the responsible licensed architect for the zoning approval application process and building permit application process for projects in your area.

Necessary Skill Set Required:

  • Have a valid architect license in your state or multiple states.
  • 8+ years of experience working as an architect with a good track-record of completed projects.

  • Expert knowledge of the construction industry standards in your area as well as local/state/federal building codes.

  • Expert knowledge of local planning & zoning codes standards in your area.

  • Expert understanding of your area building permitting process.

  • Have a good customer relationship skills.

  • Have a good relationship and previous experience processing permits with your city’s planning department or as a planchecker. (Preferred).

  • Excellent written and verbal communication.

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