The main challenge was to give life to our client’s customer remodeling ideas by creating a preliminary set of drawings for the renovation of the lobbies and bathrooms of the MacArthur Business Center. Furthermore, we needed to act fast and provide a full spatial visualization that could incline the board of members to proceed with this new look.


We focused on capturing all the details of the building by using 3D cameras to obtain high definition pictures and measurements. Once we review the actual building layout, we centered in the lobbies and bathrooms to elaborate on a full cost-efficient remodeling design.:


In this job, we decided to use Autodesk Revit as it is state-of-the-art software for 2D drawings and 3D modeling. Our architect worked on all the remodeling notes the customer requested and then reviewed the California Building Code to assure the full compliance of our preliminary set.

The Process

We follow a structured end-to-end process that ensures the best results for our clients.


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